Suffolk Bikes


Goodbye Suffolk, goodbye Fenton Computer Lab, goodbye Evan, John, Chris, and Julia. See ya later library. Goodbye bike racks, stay in touch Campus Sustainability. Ciao for now Campus Cruiser.

The four founding members of Suffolk University are enjoying their last day of classes today and although when I look over to Graham right now in the library it looks like his life depends on this paper he’s writing, I know the big release is right around the corner.

I’m happy- not that I ended up at Suffolk, not for my degree, and definitely not for next week’s finals.. but that at several different points during my time here I was encouraged to ride a bike and to ride it safely. I am eternally grateful to anyone who ever came to a group meeting, group ride, or even those who just gave a regular nod from under their helmet.

Lastly, for those that encouraged us and enabled us to hold these meetings, convene these rides, and share those moments out on the road- your work in guiding the enthusiasm of a few 20 year old undergrads is what made Sufffolk Bikes and for this we Thank You.

Ride safe and love it!

Accidents Happen

As you may or may nor know there have been two pretty tragic bicycle accidents in the last 24 hours. Eric Hunt was struck and killed by an MBTA bus last night on Mission Hill, and details are slowly coming out about an accident on Beacon Hill earlier today where a cyclist was in a potentially fatal crash at the intersection of Charles and Beacon.

There is no question as to how shaken up an army of avid commuters and riders are feeling right now. I am off a bike due to a broken collarbone- and I even felt the sinking feeling of unease as I passed cyclists on the bus today. I was almost relieved to see that Graham felt the same way- and that at least someone knew how terrifying these events were to any fellow cyclist.

All I want to say is please be careful. Information on both accidents can be found on If you are feeling uncomfortable about riding.. nervous, anxious, depressed, or something you just can’t handle on your own please feel free to contact us and we will do whatever we can to help. (603) 339-2340.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of every injured cyclist ever at a time like this. Please ride safe today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your lives.

End of the Year Meeting

As the end of the year approaches we have one last event on the horizon. On April 20th we will have our final group meeting of SP/10 from 1-3 in a DIFF room it’ll be found in Archer 462A. Gonna go full boat in this one with food and a mini workshop and some friends from around time- also keep your eyes out for a Facebook event. See you there!

Work for Campus Sustainability

Suffolk Bikes was in a big way born from Campus Sustainability and the hard work of Erica Mattison and the Sustainability Committee.

Contact Campus Sustainability if you are interested and we’d be happy to talk to you about what it’s like working with the school on a green objective.

So True; Funny How it Seems..

Truing Stand

Exciting Stuff! I’m really sorry about the early and poorly announced cancellation of our group mtg. today but I promise it was for a good cause!

Graham and I (with the help of Open Bicycle lugged our Park Tools TS-2 truing stand from Union Square to Beacon Hill today and finally we as a group have a truing stand at our infinite and limitless disposal.



Tim Wholey you complete me! I felt just like BU Bikes lugging crap around campus like this.. it was a great way to get in 10 miles of heavy towing in before class.

At the group meeting in April we’ll learn how to use it! Keep in touch here and on facebook for Group Rides during Suffolk Bikes Cancun Beach Blast Spring Break Extravaganza 2010!

BARCC Ride 2.0

Campus Sustainability and the SUPD have a ton of phones for us to bring over to the BARCC again! We’ll be planning this out at the Group Meeting but get in touch ( if you’re interested!

Group Meeting: March 9th 2010

Hi gang!

We’ve got a group meeting on March 9th from 1-2 in the Sawyer Conference Room.

We just got a big e-mail about planning out the budget and elections for 2011 so expect some updates on that after this weekend. I’m headed to RVA for the North American Handmade Show. See you in March :)

February Group Mtg. (Short for MEETING!)

February was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa held on February 15 in the old Roman calendar. January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar, since the Romans originally considered winter a monthless period.  -wikipedia (duh)

January Jones is almost over so I guess that means it must be time for a February Group Meeting.  You may ask- where was the January Group Meeting?  Well I don’t believe in January, I think it’s just the back of December.

Sawyer Conference Room Tuesday February 9th from 1-2PM Food Bikes etc. etc.

Gearing Up! (Pun!)

New Semester- and for the E-Board of Suffolk Bikes it is our last!  We are really excited to start this week- the beginning of a semester is always fun, new classes, new rooms, classes with old friends and soon to be buds.  Life is really a lot of fun until midterms come out of nowhere like a ninja crossed with a stealth bomber.

It’s also a cool time to change, open up a new chapter, maybe if you’re really cool you can try to mix things up- you could shave your beard. John.

I’m definitely excited.  Four years at Suffolk and I feel wiser- I believe that enough to at least publish it on the internet (also strongly influenced by my desire to use Yoda pizza pic.)

But I really do feel optimistic and confident about this Semester of Suffolk Bikes.  The Winter will be slow and not many are riding but for those who are we will definitely be rocking snow rides and more.  We will be building up enthusiasm and our marketing/outreach campaigns.  We’ve got some cool new supplies and we will just be riding (HA!) through the rest of the Winter onto Spring, graduation, and as much bike fun as possible.  Check back for events and if you haven’t already- familiarize yourself with MySuffolk and SUconnect so you don’t fall behind.  As always keep up with facebook for group rides and other bike friendly fun around town.  See you in the streets:)


You Need a Bike Job!

bikejobThis just came in the (facebook) Post from our buddy Galen of BU Bikes fame.  Internships are great opportunities to get your foot in the door and who knows you might be helping out with tours by the end of the Summer! for more details